Tips for Cleaning Your Wrought Iron Stairs

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Published: 10th January 2011
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Wrought Iron stairs have an undeniable appeal because itís able to combine beauty and functionality in almost any location. Since most stairs have designs, owners display these in areas like balconies. The durability that these stairs offer also makes it ideal for use since it can give sturdy support for a long time.

If you have stairs like these, the usual concern is keeping it looking new because iron is prone to corrosion. These stairs should undergo periodic cleaning to delay debris or corrosion build up especially in its grills. If you have iron stairs and you havenít cleaned it in years, it maybe high time to do it now.

In cleaning the stairs, make sure that you have the right materials like wire brushes and steel wool. These materials can help you clear the rust that accumulated in wide surfaces. Old toothbrushes will also be handy since you may need to clean small areas that large brushes may not be able to reach. However, before you start the cleaning process it may be good to consider these tips.

Check the weather forecast

Ideally, you should work on a sunny day if possible. This way you could brush the grills efficiently, clean general areas with soap and allow the wrought iron stairs to dry faster. If the weather forecast doesnít seem agreeable in certain times of the day, you could make some adjustments. For example, if you know that itíll rain in the afternoon, try cleaning during the morning.

Prepare the materials youíll need

Many people who work in their homes simply assume that they could get the cleaning materials needed anytime. Although this could be true, going u and down the wrought iron stairs will eventually take its toll on anyone so make sure that you prepared the necessary cleaning brushes and liquid cleaner the night before. This will make your task easier the following day since you know where all the materials are located.

Apply a rust inhibitor after youíre done cleaning

In order for your wrought iron stairs to last longer, youíll need to give it extra care whenever possible. A rust inhibitor will not only delay rust formation but it may also give your stairs a glossy appearance given the right product for the job. Some inhibitors can come in a clear solution or paint form depending on your needs.

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